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He needed that spider silk, and now all of a sudden he couldn’t find any spiders. They seemed to be absolutely everywhere just a day ago, and now it’s like they all had packed their dens onto their backs and walked away.
“Friend? No spiders,” Hadrian said to Wilson.
“I know.”
The forest was getting to him. The sun was starting to go down, and the twilight shadows kept playing tricks on him. Creepy tricks.
Here there be monsters.
That line came to him every time he thought he saw something. The scary thing was, there could be monsters here. Hell, he found pigmen and monster-ish spiders already, and whatever Chester was. Who’s to say there weren’t real monsters in whatever strange world he was trapped in?
That thought just made him more paranoid.
“What other things live in this world?”
“Don’t understand.”
Wilson almost wanted to slap the pigman. How could he not understand such a simple question? Instead, he placed a hand to his forehead in frustration. How could he word the question so the man-beast could understand him?
“Monsters?” he said finally. He had no idea if the creature would know what the word meant. So far, conversing with him was nearly always fruitless.
“Monsters?” Hadrian echoed curiously.
“Things. Beasts. Come on, Hadrian. Pigmen, spiders…What else?”
There was a silence. Their footsteps echoed in the dark forest. A gust of wind blew, chilly and threatening. Even Chester seemed nervous somehow, despite not really having a face.
“Chester,” Hadrian said finally.
“Yes, I figured.” Wilson was thoroughly annoyed. Why did he even spend time with this thing? It was so…incompetent. He assumed it was just his gentleman side. He couldn’t very well abandon something, even if it was dense as a rock. He was a gentleman scientist, and he took it very seriously.
“…What?” This answer puzzled Wilson.
“Trees. Trees alive.”
“Yes…Trees generally are.”
“No. You me, alive.”
Wilson thought he could infer what the man-beast meant, but he didn’t really want to believe it. They were, after all, surrounded by trees at the moment.
“You mean the trees are like people?”
“Trees alive. Few. They attack. Scary.”
Wilson went silent. Forests back home always seemed so serene, and now, here, they seemed like Hell. A very living Hell. Every time the wind blew now, he imagine the leaves being fingers, raking the air, trying to reach for him.
And the shadows. They all seemed like…they were trying to grab him and pull him somewhere. Perhaps a Hell even worse than this wilderness.
“It get dark. Not like dark.”
Hadrian’s words couldn’t have been more true. The trees seemed to be getting thicker as the sun moved along, blocking more and more of what little light there was left in the sky. He would have to make a fire soon.
“Huh?” Wilson wasn’t paying much attention to the pigman anymore. He was keeping his eyes on the malicious looking trees. Was he going crazy?
“Merms. Mmm…Man fish.”
Wilson was brought back by this. “Man fish? What?”
“Man fish,” Hadrian repeated, almost matter-of-factly.
“There are man fish? Like mermen?”
Hadrian looked at him quizzically. Of course, he didn’t know what mermen are, he wasn’t from Wilson’s world. All he could assume was that whatever the pigman spoke of was indeed something along the lines of mermen. Hopefully they weren’t dangerous. Either way, they were probably something that lived near water, which, as far as Wilson knew, they were not anywhere near. He’d have to fix that at some point, though.
But he didn’t want to think about it. Not now. Not when the shadows were getting darker. And longer. And closer.
“We need to make a fire.”
“Yay! Not like dark.”
“Neither do I.” He turned to Chester and crouched down in front of him. “Sticks, Chester. And some grass and flint.”
Chester opened his round maw and Wilson stuck his hand in. He drew out the items he spoke of and placed them on the ground next to Chester.
“Thank you, Chester.”
Chester made a chuff noise and sat down not unlike a puppy. If he had had a tail, Wilson assumed he would be wagging it.
He piled the sticks into a pyramid and stuffed the dry grass in between them, then rubbed some of the flint against itself until bright sparks shone and caught the dry grass. The flame quickly engulfed the pyramid of sticks, lighting the area with a comforting warm glow and expelling the shadows. He took some rocks from the surrounding area and carefully placed them around the fire.
“Light, yay!” Hadrian sat down in front of the flames with his hands out. Wilson sat down across from him, and soon after, Chester curled up next to him.  There was light now. Everything would be okay. What was he thinking? Shadows couldn’t grab him. They couldn’t even touch him. Why was he frightened?
He blamed it on Maxwell. He had obviously done something to Wilson’s mind, to make him fear this world. But why? What did Maxwell get from Wilson’s fear and confusion? He would find out, and he’d make Maxwell pay for it.
DS: The Dark Within (Chapter 1)
Prologue: DS: The Dark Within (Prologue)
Next chapter: coming soon
Wilson's fear of the forest (and shadows) becomes apparent, and so does his need for spider webs. A quest shall ensue! In the next chapter...

Before I upload the next chapter I'll be adding a few illustrations (probably one for each chapter from now on if I can get that done). I have an original character coming up I need to draw before her appearance. Hope you'll enjoy!


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